My memories at CIA

It is important to study English because all countries in the world have to communicate by using it assign from their own language. I do agree with this opinion. So that why I came here, Philippines to study the language can be seen as a second language for all nations in universal. 


Although there are many difficult things for me to get use to with the new environment such as food, weather condition, people, nature and of course language barrier, I still tried my best to catch up with everything here in CIA (Cebu International Academy). Because I know I’m not here for any other reason. So there is no space for sadness or loneliness, it should be exiting and waiting for the new things are coming. 


I used to worry bout the food when I was in Vietnam. Since I came here I know that theo chief executive in CIA is really considering for students’ taste. He changes the food everyday and usually ask students about feedbacks or recipes that he can improve more and more. Little by little I don’t feel any sad or tiring. I want to stay here for a pretty long time because my skills need to be improved more. I hope during that time I can feel my home is here. Once again thanks to CIA 


I. Đôi nét về học viện Anh ngữ CIA

II. Điểm cộng và điểm trừ của học viện Anh ngữ CIA

III. Một số hình ảnh về học viên Anh ngữ CIA

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